Find Your Fit

MOAB-Sliders-F2You wouldn’t walk around all day in shoes two sizes too small. Why ride for hours on a bike that doesn’t fit? We’re committed to you achieving a great bike fit that improves comfort, efficiency and aerodynamic speed.

If you want to increase your commuting comfort, enjoy your weekend ride or improve your odds of winning the race, the right fitting bike makes all the difference. The better the fit, the more efficient and aerodynamic you are, and the faster you go.

Nagging aches, saddle sores, pain or discomfort while riding are preventable and can be traced to an improper fit on the bike. Our professionals can make the right diagnosis and find the right frame size, seat, handlebar, shifters and brake lever position to suit you. Your bike should be an extension of you. So, we don’t fit you to the bike. We adjust and fit the bike to you.