Find Your Ride

Do you come alive with the wind on your face? Nothing compares to the rush and splendor of being on a bicycle. Whether you ride for practical reasons or pure fun, recreationally or competitively, we’ll help you find your ride.

The world is filled with thousands of roads to ride, places to see and trails to explore.

And we believe there is no better way to see them than from the seat of a bike. Discovering new places on two wheels is simply something that can’t be matched. Whether you’re a mountain biking, road bike, cruiser or racing enthusiast, you’ll feel the passion and soul of cycling the moment you walk in the door of a MOAB shop. At MOAB we go out of our way to ensure that everyone who enters the shop is made to feel comfortable, well taken care of and connected to a biking community that embraces anyone who shares a love of riding.

At MOAB, we’ll find a bike that fits you. We just want to get you riding, because nothing beats the exhilaration when at last you find your ride.