Birth of a Dream Bike

Titanium tubing cut, mitered, and ready for tacking – photo cred. Corey Piscopo

We are very fortunate at MOAB to work with myriad bike companies, allowing us to offer many different ways to achieve the bike of your dreams. For one customer, we were able to custom build her dream bike. The requirements: a highly competent road racer that is still appropriate for century and charity rides without sacrificing performance or comfort, the ability to throw on some fatter rubber and jump into a cross race or two, AND conquer the miles and miles of gravel and dirt roads of Hickman county. It’d be nice if the new frame could also pull duty as a light bikepacking tourer. Was that asking too much? Which bike would be ideal to meet all these criteria? Enter the Moots Routt.


Tacked and ready for welding. Photo Cred. Corey Piscopo

Shimano’s excellent Ultegra 6870 Di2 was chosen to handle the performance demands of the drivetrain, while the R785 hydraulic disc brakes provide the ultimate in stopping power. These drivetrain requirements, along with some custom sizing and dropout options, had the lead time from order to delivery set at about 8 weeks. This also included a Moots hand-crafted ti stem and seatpost.


MattyP laying the welds. Photo Cred. Corey Piscopo
Frida supervising the welding. Photo Cred. MattyP

A custom selection of Moots’ proprietary Pi Tech titanium tubing will bring that perfect balance of liveliness, stiffness, performance, comfort, and control to this uber-bike . After the tubing is selected, cut, mitered, and shaped, it’s set in a jig where the tubes are aligned and tacked into place. From there, they head over to the welding department. Each and every part of the build process is done by hand and signed off on by the person who performed the work on a little yellow card (as seen in photos 1 and 2). That card begins life when the order is placed and then ships with each and every frame. The “born on date” and serial number are also written on the card.


Freshly laid legendary Moots double pass weld. Photo and Weld Cred. MattyP

Once the welding is complete, the frame heads over to the finishing department where alignment is checked, threads are chased, head tube and bottom bracket are faced, the frame is bead blasted, and decals are applied. Then it’s boxed up either as a stand alone frame, a frameset (which typically includes fork, seatpost collar, and headset), or as a complete bike with select components. In this instance, the bike shipped out with a complete gruppo, wheels, and kit.


The Frame build in progress. Pink Chris King headset to match the custom pink decals.

About week 7 the bike was received at our Franklin location and the build process began. Slowly and methodically the frame began to take shape and come to life as a bike.


Happy owner on her first ride.

A few hours later the bike is complete and ready to be sized and fit for the intended owner. It was a simple matter of some saddle adjustments in this particular case, as the bike was built out to spec and all the measurements had been done before ordering. A final handlebar tape wrap and the bike is good to go!


The finished Moots Routt getting broken in day 2 on a rainy Hickman County gravel ride.

Too bad the weather wasn’t. It’s been constantly raining since she was able to pick up her bike but that hasn’t deterred her from getting out and enjoying her dream ride. Currently, it is set up for cyclocross and gravel duties and from what I’ve been told, is performing amazingly well.

Stay tuned for more exposés on custom builds and dream bikes of our customers. If you’re interested in learning more about custom options and/or dream builds, give us a call. We’re here to help find your ride.