Nick’s BMC Teammachine SLR01

IMG_2673Nick and his new BMC TM SLR01

Sometimes the flame of new bike desire can be ignited from unforeseen events. Nick has been a long-time customer of the shop, and an even longer customer of one of our mechanics. Nick rides with a group of dedicated cyclists who aim for (and achieve) the 10,000 mile mark every year and has done so on his trusty Waterford road bike. He purchased the bike years ago from Adam and about 4 years ago we sent it back to Waterford for a frame re-painting and touch-up as the thousands of miles and years of traveling had left their mark a bit on the bike. Needless to say, he was satisfied with his bike. Until a recent trip to Italy found him riding carbon rather than his trusty steel.

IMG_265615lbs and change with pedals, cages, & garmin mount

The result of that trip, that innocuous ride, had him return with and itch to find a more efficient bike that still offered a comfortable ride. He came in and chatted with Jeremy about bikes, options, and what he was looking for in a new steed. That conversation spanned several emergent flat tire repairs on his old steed as the rest of his riding group left for the ride (each telling him he needed to buy new tires). Those conversations led to Jeremy lending his personal bike out to Nick so he could put it through the paces out on one of his group rides. Allowing him to see how the BMC compared to his old bike and other offerings out there. I remember him coming in to return the bike, I think the look on his face said it all. Bike ordered, pretty much exactly like Jeremy’s BMC Teammachine SLR01, with a few upgrades.

IMG_2658 IMG_2667
It’s the little details that matter like stem the integrated Garmin mount and di2 Junction box.

Nick came in to pick the bike up after his group’s weekly Thursday ride and was going to hide it until the upcoming Tuesday ride, so we kept it under wraps. The plan? He’d show up to the ride with the new bike hidden away in the back of his truck. Upon pulling it out, the others would notice the new super bike and ask when the heck he got that, to which, he’d answer that he followed their advice and bought new tires. Telling them “The bike was cheap, but the tires, those new tires were expensive!”

We hope you enjoy many, many, many miles with your new bike. Congratulations on the new ride Nick!

As for the poor, old Waterford, fear not, Nick refreshed his old faithful steed with an Ultegra 11-speed grouppo. Breathing new life into the old ride. If you’re interested in learning more about dream builds, or just refreshing you’re old steed, give us a call. We love to talk bikes and help you find your ride.



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