ProjectOne Domane 6 SRS


Another dream bike option available to our customers is via Trek BikesProjectONE program. Recently one of our long time customers, Vic, got the itch to upgrade his aging Colnago and Trek Madone bikes. He was looking for something offering a little more comfort, but still providing a snappy ride. We worked with Vic, talking and listening, to narrow down the selection of bikes meeting his criteria. Enter the Trek Domane 6 SRS. The Domane takes Trek’s balanced, race-stable geometry and couples it with their IsoSpeed technology, doubling vertical compliance and making it the perfect match for long days and rough roads. This allows you to ride stronger, longer. A perfect match for Vic’s current needs.



After the “which bike?” decision was made, picking the color and drivetrain was next. Trek offers a handy and fun way to design your dream ride online via their ProjectONE web app. Not unlike the rest of us as he has a very hectic work schedule, Vic was able to sit at home and use his computer to design the bike of his dreams. At his convenience, he was able to choose color, drivetrain (Ultegra Di2), wheels, bars, stem, cable housing color, bar tape color, and more. Once everything was chosen, a single mouse click allowed Vic to save and send his design to us via email.


TrekThanksYou DearVicBikeOrder

Upon receiving the email, we called Vic to confirm everything was as it should be (measure twice, cut once), and submitted the design to Trek. His custom dream bike was officially on order with a 90 day lead time estimated for the delivery. Our jobs were done for now, and it was time to sit back and anxiously await its arrival.


Emails ItsReady DearVicBikeIsReadyToShip

A few days shy of a month later, Trek sent word to Vic informing him that his new bike was completed and ready to ship out. Another great thing about Trek is that they keep the customer informed and involved during the entire custom bike process. Upon its delivery, our mechanics set about building the bike up and getting it ready to ride. Again, measurements were taken beforehand and parts ordered to spec, making fitting Vic to his dream bike a quick process. We were able to get the final details nailed and Vic is united with his dream bike! And as of this writing, he should be out on his first ride right about now. Sun is shining, weather is perfect. Enjoy the ride, Vic.


Photo Cred. Vic M.

If you’re interested in a ProjectONE bike, or would like to know more about the process, swing by or give us a call. We love to talk bikes and help you find your ride.