Find Your

When Mark Dement started MOAB he did more than start a bike shop, he found what would become a life long passion. If you walk into one of the MOAB locations you might just find yourself finding a little of that passion as well. So if you're ready to find your ride, visit one of our locations.

Your Fit

You wouldn't walk around all day in shoes two sizes too small. Why ride for hours on a bike that doesn't fit? We're committed to achieving a great bike fit that improves comfort, efficiency and aerodynamic speed.

Your Ride

Do you come alive with the wind on your face? Nothing compares to the rush and splendor of being on a bicycle. Whether you ride for practical reasons or pure fun, recreationally or competitively, we'll help you find your ride.

Find Your Adventure: Bike Packing and S24Os

Fall has arrived and brought with it cooler temps and beautiful autumn colors. If you’ve ever been interested in bike camping or trying out bike packing, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the lower humidity, fewer bugs, and better riding weather Tennessee has to offer and get out for a bike adventure.

Summer Hydration is No Sweat

Drink Before Riding With a little thought, staying properly hydrated while riding in the summer heat is easier than you think. Hydrating prior to a ride will help keep you hydrated while on the road.  Starting 4 hours before your ride, sip 12 – 16 ounces of a sports drink or water, then another 12

Go South

The West U. S. may have its share of vast deserts, rocks and canyons, but it can’t hold a candle to the Southeast’s lush forests, scenic nature trails, whoop-de-doos and jaw-dropping descents. Here in the Southeast, mountain riders of every level can find suitably challenging trails that snake along Smoky Mountain ridgetops, ancient riverbeds, backcountry