Find Your

When Mark Dement started MOAB he did more than start a bike shop, he found what would become a life long passion. If you walk into one of the MOAB locations you might just find yourself finding a little of that passion as well. So if you're ready to find your ride, visit one of our locations.

Your Fit

You wouldn't walk around all day in shoes two sizes too small. Why ride for hours on a bike that doesn't fit? We're committed to achieving a great bike fit that improves comfort, efficiency and aerodynamic speed.

Your Ride

Do you come alive with the wind on your face? Nothing compares to the rush and splendor of being on a bicycle. Whether you ride for practical reasons or pure fun, recreationally or competitively, we'll help you find your ride.

Nick’s BMC Teammachine SLR01

Nick and his new BMC TM SLR01 Sometimes the flame of new bike desire can be ignited from unforeseen events. Nick has been a long-time customer of the shop, and an even longer customer of one of our mechanics. Nick rides with a group of dedicated cyclists who aim for (and achieve) the 10,000 mile

ProjectOne Domane 6 SRS

Another dream bike option available to our customers is via Trek Bikes‘ ProjectONE program. Recently one of our long time customers, Vic, got the itch to upgrade his aging Colnago and Trek Madone bikes. He was looking for something offering a little more comfort, but still providing a snappy ride. We worked with Vic, talking

Birth of a Dream Bike

Titanium tubing cut, mitered, and ready for tacking – photo cred. Corey Piscopo We are very fortunate at MOAB to work with myriad bike companies, allowing us to offer many different ways to achieve the bike of your dreams. For one customer, we were able to custom build her dream bike. The requirements: a highly